GRA Moissanite Report


The Global Gemological Research Association is the standard of excellence in gemstones services worldwide,since 2000 GRA. reports have proven to be the internationally recognized passport for gemstones.For decades trade professionals,throughout the world,turn to GRA. for their expertise,consistency and reliability in gemstones identification and grading.GRA.'s school of gemstones has been attended by in-trade gemstones manufactuiers,fine ieweley artisans and the public at large,from over ninety countries throughout the world.The methodology employed by GRA Moissanite Report.'s highly trained and experienced team of hundreds of scientific technicians and gemologists,has allowed for the evolution of the perfect formula regarding gemstone procedures, report record keeping,gem & jewelry security and handling.GRA Moissanite Report's state-of-the-art laboratories are located in the heart of the gem & jewelry districts throughout the world.GRA Moissanite Report.-The Standard of Excellence in gemstones and Fine Jewelry Evaluation Worldwide.